We are victims of sexual harassment in the universities, counting with the collaboration of second-order of sexual harassment victims and people who show solidarity with us.

The Observatory of Gender Violence in Spain has included this network in its “good practices”

This page will be administered by victims of gender violence in universities in collaboration with second-order victims and those who support us and are in solidarity. The second-order victims of sexual harassment are those who are being harassed (with false accusations and defamations) due to supporting direct victims. International research on this issue evidences that institutional measures themselves are not enough to prevent sexual harassment and, thus, additional initiatives are necessary.
Among many international examples, there are for instance the peer support networks such as the PAVE (Promoting Awareness Victim Empowerment) program at the University of Wisconsin (http://bit.ly/LPWTHu). For this reason, with this page, we would like to offer solidarity to victims of sexual harassment as well as isolating gender violence victims by listening to them and accompanying them in this situation (metoouniversitat@gmail.com, all of the information you share with us is confidential. If you want your email will be readed for just one person Mar Joanpere member of the campaign).

Comments related to the issues of the Victims of Gender Violence in Universities Network can be published on this page. Comments that are against the aims of preventing both direct and second-order gender violence in universities will be eliminated to ensure a safe online environment and a page free of violence.

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