Seven members of the ESA and of the Solidarity Network of Victims of Gender Violence in Universities, wish to propose to add the following articles to the Ethical Guidelines of ESA. This network is an official one recognised by the Spanish Observatory of Gender Violence since 2015 (for more information: In order to make this proposal to the General Assembly, the signatures of 20% of ESA members are needed.

Ana Vidu, University of Deusto
Cristina Pulido, Autonomous University of Barcelona
Guiomar Merodio, Nebrija University
Mar Joanpere, Universitat Rovira i Virgili
Roger Campdepadrós, Universitat de Girona
Teresa Morlà, Universitat Rovira i Virgili
Tinka Shubert, Standford University

The proposal to add is the following:

“Ethical Guideline 13: ESA holds that its members, conference participants and partners take a stand against sexual harassment, revictimization and second-order sexual harassment”.

These are the reasons to include it:

Recent “Metoo” and other movements have moved organizations to take a much clearer stand against sexual harassment, revictimization and second-order sexual harassment. ESA Ethical Guidelines do not explicitly include this relevant issue, while many of its members are taking stand with our researches and actions. We think and we hope that members of ESA will agree in including this as a new article of the ESA Ethical Guidelines.

The overcoming of sexual harassment and revictimization requires the support of bystanders, and this support requires legislation, norms and actions against the attacks towards the bystanders. Legislation against second-order sexual harassment has already been approved by unanimity in one Parliament in Europe. We think it is already the moment to approve this article in ESA.

If you support this and you are a member of ESA, you can sign including your full name, email and affiliation:

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List of signatures

  1. Ana Vidu, University of Deusto
  2. Mar Joanpere, Universitat Rovira i Virgili
  3. Cristina Pulido, Autonomous University of Barcelona
  4. Garazi López de Aguileta, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  5. Rosa Valls, University of Barcelona
  6. Nataly Buslón Valdez, BSC
  7. Carmen Elboj Saso, University of Zaragoza
  8. Lídia Puigvert, University of Barcelona
  9. Olga Serradell, Autonomous University of Barcelona
  10. Ane López de Aguileta, University of Barcelona
  11. Fidel Molina Luque, University of Lleida
  12. Tinka Schubert, Stanford University
  13. Esther Oliver, University of Barcelona
  14. Roger Camdepadrós, University of Girona
  15. Teresa Morlà Folch, Universitat Rovira i Virgili
  16. Emilia Aiello, Harvard University
  17. Susana León Jiménez, University of Barcelona
  18. Guiomar Merodio, Nebrija University
  19. Juan Sebastián Fernández Prados, University of Almería
  20. Tatiana Íñiguez-Berrozpe, Univeristy of Zaragoza
  21. Mimar Ramis Salas, University of Barcelona
  22. Gisela Redondo Sama, University of Deusto
  23. Adrian Scribano, CONICET Argentina
  24. Sandra Racionero, University of Barcelona
  25. Ana Nunes de Almeida, Instituto de Ciências Sociais, Universidade de Lisboa
  26. Lena de Botton, University of Barcelona
  27. Benno Herzog, University of Valencia
  28. Ana Burgués, University of Granada
  29. Federico Farini, University of Northampton
  30. Sinisa Zrinscak, University of Zagreb
  31. Gladys Ganiel, Queen’s University Belfast
  32. Maintain Privacy
  33. Ramon Flecha, University of Barcelona
  34. Maintain Privacy
  35. Maria Luisa Jaussi Nieva, University of Barcelona
  36. Daniel Stoecklin, University of Geneva
  37. Albert Sabater, Universitat de Girona
  38. Alberto Martín Pérez, University of Barcelona
  39. Jelen Amador, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
  40. Albrecht, Yvonne, Humboldt-University of Berlin/ Berlin Institute for Integration and Migration Research (BIM)
  41. Sebastian Mohr, Centre for Gender Studies, Karlstad University
  42. Paulo Santos, University of Padova
  43. Tiago Machado Costa, University of Nottingham
  44. Rusten Menard, University of Portsmouth
  45. Tamas P.Toth, Institute for Sociology, Centre for Social Sciences, Hungary
  46. Oriol Ríos-Gonzalez, Rovira i Virgili University
  47. Lise Widding Isaksen, University of Bergen, Norway
  48. Elisabeth Guenther, Universität Wien
  49. Adriana Aubert Simon, University of Barcelona
  50. Francesco Marcaletti, Universidad de Zaragoza
  51. Katarzyna Suwada, Nicolaus Copernicus University in Poland
  52. Lucia del Moral-Espín, Universidad de Cádiz
  53. Rossana Trifiletti, University of Florence
  54. Cécile Vermot, Sup’Biotech
  55. Milica Antić Gaber, University of Ljubljana
  56. Anna Escobedo, Universitat de Barcelona
  57. Mary Holmes, University of Edinburgh
  58. Maintain Privacy
  59. Niccolo’ Morelli, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milan
  60. Daniel Gabaldón Estevan, University of Valencia
  61. Maintain Privacy
  62. Matthew Waites, University of Glasgow
  63. Elisabetta Ruspini, University of Milano-Bicocca
  64. Cristina Sánchez Miret, Universitat de Girona
  65. Marta Font, University of Barcelona
  66. Mengna Guo, University of Barcelona
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